Emotional Counseling Services

Having trouble getting over a personal relationship? Talk to one of our counselors; they’re trained to help you. Talk We Listen therapists cover many different areas and each has their own specialties. Below is a list of some areas of expertise and brief descriptions of common problems.

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Phobias are irrational, persistent fears that cause interruptions to daily life. People with phobias will make an extra effort to avoid the situation they fear. If left untreated phobias can adversely affect the quality of life and make social situations difficult. Some common examples of phobias are a fear of heights, dogs and open spaces. Phobias are often caused by a traumatic experience.


Anxiety is often a normal reaction to stressful situations, however, when the feelings of worry or fear become excessive and affect day to day life anxiety becomes a problem in need of attention. When the intensity of anxiety increases beyond normal thresholds it can cause immediate problems socially and even with basic life skills.


Bereavement or loss of a loved one can sometimes be difficult to cope with. Feelings of guilt or remorse frequently intensify the emotional pain during these difficult times. Talking to a therapist is often a very effective way to deal with the emotional pain.


Depression is a very common mental health problem affecting many people. It is often characterized by intense feelings of sadness and low self-esteem. It is normal to feel emotional ‘ups and downs’, but sometimes we struggle too much with ‘feeling down’ which can lead to a lack of motivation and confidence. Depression, when left untreated, can adversely affect your quality of life.


Anger affects both body and mind. Everyone experiences frustrations in life. If the feelings are intense your body can tense and cause undue physical stress. People who have difficulty dealing with anger issues can suffer both socially and physically. Talking to a therapist who can listen and give advice is often a great remedy.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

OCD is characterized by ritualistic behaviours. If you find yourself repeatedly performing tasks that seem of no use (such as counting or touching the same object whenever you pass it) you may have OCD. Many times it is harmless, but if it is affecting your day to day life you can benefit from the right treatment.

Relationship difficulties

Relationship difficulties

Relationship difficulties occur with many people and it is completely natural to have disagreements and conflicts. It is very important to learn to deal with them in a positive manner. When we enter relationships we have to make adjustments and accommodations. Sometimes issues are difficult to work out and it can be beneficial for you to talk to a third party to cope with or resolve problems.

Sexual difficulties

Sexual difficulties can be either physical or mental. If your MD and specialists cannot diagnose a problem and prescribe a cure it maybe a mental problem. Our therapy services may find the root of the problem helping you to overcome the mental issues preventing you from enjoying healthy sexual activity.

Family conflict

Family conflict is a common natural occurrence. You may be having difficulty communicating with or understanding family members. You or your family may need guidance in opening up dialogue to better understand each other. Or you may just need a unbiased third party to help resolve issues. Either way, talking can be a big help.


Stress can be devastating for you both emotionally and physically. It is believed to cause problems for the human body particularly with the heart. Why let stress detract from your quality of life? Finding the right method of dealing with it can be one of the most important things you do in order to live a long, happy and healthy life.


Our service is not suitable for people who are at risk of harming themselves or others. If you have or ever had thoughts about suicide or committing violent acts against others it is strongly recommended that you seek immediate attention from a local support service.